The fundamental technology is based on the new development of processor-controlled systems, the iMRS and the Omnium1. iMRS stands for “intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation” and is based on nearly two decades of experience gcollected from practice. The iMRS and the first android based PEMF system of the world, the Omnium1, control simultaneously all implemented parameters during an application and serve as peripheral devices for all the synchronically used options:



Magnetic-Resonance-Stimulation achieves immediately noticeable results in a very effective yet natural and gentle way. It supports the body’s cells in the absorption of essential nutrients and oxygen and the removal of waste products. Microcirculation in the organism increases – the result being sustainable improvement of all body functions and the activation of all natural self-healing forces.

Brain Wave Stimulation

While all 75 trillion body cells enjoy the positive wellness effect of magnetic resonance stimulation, your brain “bathes” simultaneously in the pleasant mix of well-defined light, color and sound frequencies, which prompt the brain to resonate with these vibrations. The result is an optimization of mental balance, improved productivity, stress reduction and a complete new feeling of spiritual clearness.

Sound Stimulation

The iMRS with the help of a built-in music player generates especially composed wellness music that is played synchronously with the applied light and sound frequencies. This promotes sustainable deep relaxation and produces a comforting and reassuring feeling during an application.

Dynamic Monitoring and Regulation

Dynamisches Biofeedback
The newly developed monitoring and regulation system (iMORE) allows for the monitoring of homeostasis (through Heart Rate Variability) during an application. The most recent findings in the field of energy medicine have been integrated into this development. With the help of a sensor that is attached to the ear, the iMRS monitors the state of the autonomic nervous system during an application and adjusts the parameters individually and dynamically to each respective reaction. It is generally known that the response of the autonomic nervous system is the first answer of the body to any physical or psychological stimulus and therefore serves as an optimal control parameter for an intelligent wellness application.